Hot Air Ballooning Tips: 9 Things to Know Before You Go Up in the Air


Hot Air Ballooning Tips: 9 Things to Know Before You Go Up in the Air

What would the propulsion eventuate into? Falling from 3,000 feet above ground level would be the biggest fear not just for the acrophobic people but for anyone who steps into the basket of a hot air balloon. A slight failure in the system or a tear on the surface of the envelope can lead to unfortunate accidents. But none of those thoughts would ruin the experience you can have up in the air since not a speck of it is likely to rush into your head while you get captivated by the beauty that the landscape exudes. You will feel like you are on cloud nine when the balloon glides softly in the air.

There is no reason to panic when going up in the air because it is entirely safe to be in that atmosphere without having to worry about your daily stresses. If you are planning to take a hot air balloon ride for the first time, you must know certain things about it so that you get to have a hassle-free experience. Here are those things that you need to know before ballooning.

1. Stuff Your Wallets

You should be well aware of the fact that the balloon rides are quite expensive. So, keep at least $1000 with you when planning hot air ballooning because it would cost about $200 per person.


2. Weather Could Be Unfavorable

You never know when the weather will change; it is a fickle thing that likes to play with our patience. If there are strong winds or rains, your ride could be cancelled. So, keep in mind that your flight has a high chance to be rescheduled. Go for the ballooning expecting such situations and make sure to have plans to meet such contingencies.

3. Be the Amicable Person

When you are boarding the balloon for your dream flight, there could be a number of strangers on board as well. If you prefer to fly alone, book a private flight; otherwise, be ready to wear that smile and be friendly with the fellow passengers.


4. No Need to Fear

Even if you have motion sickness, there is no way you are going to detest this experience. If car rides are fine for you, hot air balloons can be a pleasant experience. No such issues are bound to happen when in a hot air balloon.

5. Wear Appropriate Clothes

Kilts and skirts are not the ideal clothes for a hot air balloon ride. Since there would be a bit of a jostling and other jerky motion, it’s best to wear shorts or pants. Also, dress according to the weather. Although the giant flame could provide you warmth, you will need to wear some gloves and a sweater if it is cold outside.

Air Ballooning

6. Take the Camera

GoPro is the best option when hot air ballooning with your loved ones since it easier maneuver than the heavy DSLR camera. Also, the latter has a chance to fall with the lens breaking into splinters. You wouldn’t want that to happen; so, grab a GoPro for the flight. But if you are confident that you can circumvent such issues with the DSLR, you are free to capture those superlative snaps too. Once done take your photos to and get them printed on a canvas.

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