Hot Fun

We will entertain your requests when extra ordinary flights are your ideal.


Over Cities

Want to go for a ride of a lifetime overlooking cities? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Our hot fun balloon rides can help you feel the sky.


Ski Resorts

Learn all about adventure and exploration by hopping on to learn more about Ski resorts and how it can change your life forever.



Bloom higher with every single step as a Parachutist and enter the dynamics of a new world that is going to be missed once you reach the ground.

Exotic Adventures

Discuss Your Plans


Based on your timeline of preference, we will be flying you off into the sky to mark a new journey in your life. So come forward and fill out all the required details right away.

Special Flights

Enjoy an innovative experience that is going to reek of special features and events along the course of the journey. With added insights, you will also be going through a process of learning.

Gift Certificate

Mark the calendar and note down the moment as we set things up for the gift certificate that is going to be remembered for a lifetime. Hence, avoid the wait and move forward to the aspect of the adventure. Just be sure to check our calendar first as Apex Metal Signs puts on a large event during the summer.


Surprising Destinations


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True Stories

Best Experiences

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On The Day You Fly

Keep memories cherished and remembered for a long time as we help you reach unique places that lie at the realms of our big blue sky. Hot balloon rides can be great if you are celebrating a birthday, engagement or wedding. If you want to do something special we can make a large sign using wooden letters that your significant other will read once high up.

Our Blog

  • What would the propulsion eventuate into? Falling from 3,000 feet above ground level would be the biggest fear not just for the acrophobic people but for anyone who steps into the basket of a hot air balloon. A slight failure in the system or a......

  • As a child, most of us would have been curious as to how the hot air balloons float in the air. Science has its strange ways to keep the balloon afloat and move in a particular direction. Many of you would have even learnt about......

  • Going up in the air to be entranced by the blowing winds all over your face and sleek hair is one experience that you shouldn’t miss in your life. The initial heat dissipates as the balloon takes on the thrust and moves skyward to provide......